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Bravo Team – Hands on with this VR Shooter – E32017

I must admit Bravo Team did not wow me when it was presented during the PlayStation E3 press conference. However experiencing it first hand was a different matter altogether. The Stack-Up RedShirts and Air Assaults had a chance to get hands-on with this title on the E3 Show Floor thanks to our friends at PlayStation, and after playing through a level in co-op this VR shooter may have some legs.

Bravo Team makes use of the Aim Controller and for the most part, the controls functioned well. It is important to note you will not be free walking around, instead, you can “aim” at predetermined points and click to have your character run over to the new location. In this aspect, the game feels a bit on rails like most light gun games, however, the immersion offered by the PlayStation VR Headset really makes for a fresh feeling experience.

The only downfall I personally had with the controls while playing was the fact that I kept wanting to lift the Aim Controller like a real rifle, and the lack of a buttstock made this a bit difficult forcing me to treat it more like a game when aiming as opposed to a simulation. Of course, this could be possibly be overcome with more time to acclimate to the game and its unique controls.

The minor complaints, however, fall to the wayside the moment the bullets start flying. The immersion is at its height when you are leaning and ducking around cover to take shots on the bad guys. This felt like something I had never experienced before in a video game. Having your VR avatar react as you lean and move made for an exciting action filled time.

The Co-Op aspect is where this VR title really shines. Within moments of starting the game and engaging hostiles, my teammate and I were yelling out targets and moving to cover each other. While the game may be somewhat on rails as mentioned above, you do get choices as to where you can click to move, and doing this in conjunction with your teammate covering you and vise versa is paramount to success.

All in all Bravo Team was a fun experience that owners of PlayStation VR will want to keep an eye on. The traditional shooter game is something we have seen very little of in the VR space and Bravo Team will have to overcome preconceived notions of what a shooter is, but so far the game is off to a solid start.

Those interested will not have to wait long as Bravo Team has been announced for a 2017 release date! You can learn more by visiting the PlayStation site HERE! Also, make sure to stand by as we will have video highlights of our time with Bravo Team soon!

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