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Blue Goji Interview at PAX South 2017

Blue Goji

Virtual Reality is always a big hit at gaming conventions. The booths that feature the tech tend to have large crowds gathered around and plenty of people waiting in line eager to try out the “next big thing.” The Blue Goji booth was no different in that regard, but what did stand out was how you interacted within the Virtual World.

Blue Goji is looking to change the way you play and exercise by combining Virtual Reality with an interesting control input through fitness equipment. Our own Brian “Skatch” Snyder had a chance to chat with the folks at Blue Goji earlier this year at PAX South, so hit play and listen in to learn more.

Thanks Adam for taking the time to speak with us. Chris “The Game Case” Case, Stack-Up Twitch Lead, had a chance to try out the machine first hand, and he definitely felt the burn and enjoyed the immersive nature of the VR.

If you want to learn more about Blue Goji make sure to check out their website located HERE.

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