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BLEED – Heading to the PS4 & Xbox One at the End of August

When you want to punish your enemies, you make them Bleed! The one-man developer, Bootdisk Revolution, is bringing their ferociously styled and aggressively designed action platformer, BLEED, to the PlayStation 4.

BLEED tasks you as Wvyrn, a young woman with earth-shattering ambitions to be the greatest hero the world has ever known. Using her guns, blades, and martial arts, Wvyrn seeks to destroy all the heroes in the world, so that she is the only one left standing. The game will have players leap, slice, and shoot the living hell out of anything in front of you across seven stages and their bosses.

The original game was released for the Xbox Live arcade and Steam back in 2012. It received incredibly positive critical and commercial acclaim for its style, attitude, and gameplay. The popularity of the original game leads to the development of a sequel, BLEED 2, which I played last year at PAX WEST. The sequel was released on February 8, 2017.


For the new console ports, Bootdisk Revolution is working with Digerati Distribution and marketing, along with Niphilim Game Studios to optimize the game for PS4 and Xbox One architecture, along with allowing the game to be released on their digital platforms.

BLEED will make its console debut on PlayStation 4 On August 22nd and Xbox One on August 24th. You can follow Bootdisk Revolution on Twitter here.

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