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bleed 2 prepare to bleed again pax west 2016

Most video games have you saving the world from some villain to protect all that is good. There are many heroes that we know of out there, but of course, scores of heroes means some might not get the recognition or spotlight they deserve. Perhaps, with so many heroes, the world can be a bit boring. That’s what our young heroine, Wryn thought of, as she sat at home watching TV, her sword sheathed, her world boring. One day, she decided to shoot to become the very best that no one ever was, because she was going destroy everyone and be the very best in the world. In Bleed, an action-platformer by Bootdisk Revolution, Wryn carved a path of destruction, defeating the greatest heroes on Planet Earth to become the very best hero that could be offered. At PAX WEST, Bleed 2 was showcased at the Indie Megabooth, and our heroine would unsheathe her blade once more. This time, as the only hero standing, facing off against a vicious mechanized army.

One man developer, Ian Campell, has alway enjoyed platformers. However, he felt that such a classic genre of games, which encompass the legendary character such as Mario, Sonic, and RKnight, had grown far too stale. Platforming video games needed a change and Ian would deliver it. By learning video game design, as well as programming, he would go off to form his own studio, and create a wonderful action game, Bleed, for all Steam platforms and the Xbox 360. The game was met with stellar acclaim for its sheer, instant action, controls, and style. With Bleed 2, Ian hopes to make the game bigger, louder, meaner, and even more, action packed.

I sat down to have a look at the demo. At the time, I didn’t know a thing about Bleed 2 or its predecessor. However, as I had been around the Indie Megabooth quite a bit, all the other developers had spoken nothing but positive things for the game, including the RedOut Developers, 34BigThings. The game started right away, with a sudden attack on an unknown city. Wryn is chilling on her couch, but the sudden explosion rocks her to a steady stance. While everyone else panicked, she charges headfirst into battle. After a very brief guide on controls, the game was open to players and the action scenarios began.

Immediately, I was hacking and slashing my way through hordes of purple soldiers. The speed, visuals, and sound mixing all made a stellar impression as each successful defeat was a small, gushing victory. One of the biggest draws of the game was the ability to deflect bullets. The enemy fires massive, glowing orbs at the player, so no worries about hitting something that may not be able to be seen. With the right timing, players can bounce these orbs right back at the enemy for a good amount of damage. Players can also dash through enemies to avoid unblockable hazards.  The overall feeling was absolutely thrilling. Finally, Wryn had two guns at her disposal for quick dispatching of ranged targets. This game felt like the brutal satisfaction of a game from Platinum Games, such as Vanquish or Metal Gear Rising, but has presentation and speed of a classic shmup, such as Raiden or UN Fighter.

At first glance, with the action set-pieces and sheer speed of the game, I was immediately reminded of a niche anime series from FUNIMATION and Trigger Studios. In that particular anime, two angels from heaven, the Anarchy Sisters, are punished to Earth for their consistent bad behaviours in heaven. The two have their differences and interests, as well as differing attitudes. They take their orders from a priest, Garterbelt. Their goal in each episode is to eliminate satanic demons off of the earth. This includes a Poo monster, an alien queen, a demonic yet horny train, and so on. Parts of their clothing transform into weapons. Panty has a magic gun while Stocking uses katana blades. Each episode is ludicrous and jam-packed with action.

Bleed 2 was reminiscent of this anime as the premise was crazy, yet the action was crazier. The level moves at immense speed, yet the gameplay allowed me to keep a firm control of my character and allow me to dispatch a variety of enemies. There was platforming involved, but nothing that broke away from the action. The game did feature a mid-level boss, to which I did lose. However, the game started me right back up into the fight once more.

Eventually, after defeating the mid-level boss, a fire began to consume a tunnel, and I had to escape. I was suddenly faced with the final boss of the level, a giant floating ship, filled with guns and brute force. Using my katana, I deflected a number of bullets back at the ship. When available, I got in close and slashed away with my blades. The ship also did a ramming attack, to which I dashed away just in the nick of time. It was an immense set-up. Fire breathing behind me, a massive enemy ship trying to stop me, and all I had was a katana, two pistols, as well as speed. Here I was, being a bonified badass, taking out bad guys with no help or support. Eventually, the ship was defeated, and the demo ended.

It was a purely enjoyable ride to be able to play Bleed 2. The presentation is nostalgic, the gameplay is extremely tight, and the action never lets up. Of particular note, the music is incredible, underscoring significant moments in the game.

Look for Bleed 2 to arrive on PC, Mac, and Linux sometime soon. There is news about console iterations at this time.

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