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blazblue central fiction collectors edition revealed

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Storied fighting game series BlazBlue finally dropped details about its American release date. BlazBlue: Central Fiction drops this November, along with a bonus limited edition. Boasting an exclusive figurine and artbook, Central Fiction is hitting American shores a little earlier than we’re used to, with some drawbacks.

The BlazBlue series has had dubbed voices and translations that are generally loved by fans of the series. However, Aksys, the company localizing the title, noted on Twitter that there is no dub in the works. No plans are in the works for a patched-in, downloadable dub down the line, either. These titles often get iterations, so expect changes in the inevitable BlazBlue: Central Fiction Extend.

The decision has been met with mixed reception. A problem that the previous BlazBlue titles run into stateside is that by the time the localized versions hit the West, an updated version is already being announced and tested on in Japan. By cutting dubs, BlazBlue: Central Fiction is launching a mere few weeks after the Japanese launch. This is great for American fans who aren’t into costly imports, and for the BlazBlue scene as a whole.

Sister series Guilty Gear did the same cuts for Revelator, which released earlier this year to great acclaim.

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