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black ice developer interview

Black Ice

Black Ice is an interesting title. It blends FPS action with RPG-like elements to create a very unique take on the cyber-punk hacking genre. It is through this mixture of gameplay elements and setting that Black Ice stands out on its own.

It uses a line art style reminiscent of a Tron world but rendered vibrantly in all the colors of the spectrum. The gameplay is instantly familiar to anyone who has played a FPS game but much like the art style, this game takes everything in its own direction.

That is where Black Ice really shines, it is familiar yet new and the developer Garrett Cooper wants to keep it feeling fresh. Speaking with him at RTX 2016 we got to chat a bit about the basic design of the game and some of the challenges of releasing an indie title. We also had a chance to see some off the additional changes just recently added to the game as Super Duper Garrett Cooper continues to refine this labor of love.

Hit the video to listen in to get a bit of an inside look into Black Ice and indie game development in general!

Thanks so much SDGC for taking the time to chat with us at RTX it was certainly a pleasure. If you want to check out Black Ice the game is available on Steam or through the website at

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