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Battle Chef Brigade – Brings the Fight into your Kitchen – PAX West

Adult Swim Games, known for many amazing titles such ad DeSync and Headlander, are helping Trinket Games with a special three-course meal of a game. Revealed today during the Nintendo Nindies Presentation, Battle Chef Brigade is is a different type of war: A war of food and the thrill of victory that comes with making a great dish.

Battle Chef Brigade takes place in a fantasy realm, dominated by humans, elves, and orcs.  Food is absolutely everything in the kingdom, so much so that the best chefs fight for dominance in the market. A tournament is held to see how each chef not only cooks but how they acquire their ingredients.  Players will take the role of one of four chefs. Each chef is a contestant to an ensemble of judges, who will witness each chef hunt their prey to acquire ingredients, and subsequently, use those ingredients to create delicacies. However, it won’t be easy.

Battle Chef Brigade

These chefs are warriors, each with their own style and capability, as well as their favorite food item. Players will hunt down their ingredients in the form of dangerous monsters. Each chef wields specific weapons, and their precise use will be key brawler combat. Following their hunt-down for ingredients, players will need to conjure their special dish in puzzler gameplay, all against a clock. The one with the best dish shall win. Each character has their own story, complete with their own interests and reasons for participating int he tournament.

Battle Chef Brigade will be out this coming Holiday season for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam.

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