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auralux constellations pax west 2016


Auralux Constellations had a solid showing at PAX West Video game Convention in Seattle, Washington. Tucked in the corner of the main Exhibition Hall, Reverb Games showcased a large array of titles, each one unique and different from the next. Among them was Auralux Constellations, the sequel to Auralux. I spent some time hands-on with the game and talked to some of the developers at War Drum Studios.

Auralux Constellations was born out of the overwhelming chaos that can come with Real-time strategy games. Most RTS’s involve heavy strategic placement, such as bases and managing units. For some players, this can be quite the learning curve. However, War Drum Studios saw through the chaos and found a simpler approach.

In Auralux Constellations, players command and upgrade planets, and simply send their forces to other planets. More over, your forces, as well as the enemies, are distinguished by vibrant color. The developers were also fond of growing up with legendary RTS classics, such as Starcraft.


My time with Auralux was quite enjoyable, and definitely something that both dedicated and casual gamers will immensely enjoy. I chose my military to be orange while the AI was green. The level showed several planets and their moons. The goal was to get those planets and moons into your color. Your military forces are small dots that rapidly multiply. Clicking on gray planets will send those forces to conquer and claim that planet in your color.

The A.I will do exactly the same. In space, the forces will collide and be a massive battle of numbers. Little white flashes will indicate units destroyed. Whoever survives these classics will make their way to taking over their planet. Players control their planet with a reticle, that can either select a single planet or multiple planets to command. Finally, it is possible to upgrade your own planet to create more power units.

With the basics down, I got to work taking care of the enemy. It was quite fast-paced and engaging. The sound design was solid as well, with music composition by Vince Mohan. The game had a solid presentation and overall design. It was quick to learn and conquer other worlds. The game has promised many levels to challenge and maneuver the player to change their tactics.


Auralux: Constellations is available on all iOS and Android platforms, as well as PCs. Console versions are soon to follow!

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