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Arts in the Armed Forces Hits Broadway in Honor of Veterans Day

Our friends over at the Arts in the Armed Forces will be putting on a performance, Monday, November 8th, in honor of Veterans Day on Broadway at Studio 54. The event will feature music and contemporary American monologue readings hosted by Adam Driver and featuring Jon Batiste and other surprise guests to be revealed during the performance.

The event is free and available to Military Veterans with a limit of two tickets and one civilian guest per Veteran. To register for the event, please visit the AITAF ticket website. Veteran status will be confirmed through Walk-ups are allowed, but proof of military service is required.

Online registration closes at 9:00 PM Eastern Time on November 7th. Proof of vaccination is also required, as per New York City mandates.

The mission of Arts in the Armed Forces:

AITAF honors and enriches the lives of the US military community by offering powerful shared experiences in theater and film. Featuring professional artists and contemporary American content, we create space for meaningful dialogue, igniting connection and deepening our capacity for understanding around our common humanity.

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