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antihero pax west 2016 interview


Right away the art style on display in Antihero attracted me to it. When I found out it was developed by one man, Tim Conkling, I was even more intrigued. When Georgina Verdon from Versus Evil took the time to chat with me at PAX West I was very excited to learn more about this interesting “Oliver” twist to the 4X strategy genre.

Give a watch to the video below and learn more about this quirky Indie Title.

Once again I want to thanks Georgina for talking with me and giving us all the details on Antihero. The game is currently Greenlit on Steam and I am looking forward to being able to sink some time into this one.

You can follow along with the progress of Antihero on the games website HERE as well as the official Twitter account HERE. Plus the developer, Tim Conkling has an amazing blog that is well worth the read located HERE.

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