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Antigraviator – Iceberg Interactive Announces this Racer, Coming in 2018

Futuristic sci-fi racers are making a comeback, with the recent releases of games such as RedOut by 34 Big Publishing, and The WipeOut Omega Collection. Iceberg Interactive, the makers of indie sci-fi horror hit Conarium, are giving some friends a boost with the announcement of a brand-new game from a small, but fiercely dedicated team of game designers.  From the newly formed Belgium game studio, Cybernetic Walrus, comes Antigraviator, a new racing game that is quickly being dubbed as a “WipeOut” contender.

As WipeOut was the sci-fi racing game that trailblazed the genre, Antigraviator is a game that is set to go several steps further. Cybernetic Walrus, which consists of a team of small, but brilliantly talented alumni from Howest University, have maximized the Unity Engine to allow for extremely slick, fast racing while maintaining a solid presentation.


Antigraviator will be a racing game without a speed limit. Players will be encouraged to go as fast as fundamentally possible on the race courses of Antigraviator, and also utilize the plethora of weapons at their disposal.

The team at Cybernetic Walrus are incredibly passionate fans of science-fiction and have therefore crafted a fully-realized sci-fi world in Antigraviator. In the year 2210, racing is poised to evolve. With innovations in planetary terraforming and space-based technologies, antigravity has been handed down to civilians and given rise to The Antigravity League.


Across a variety of the colonized worlds, racers are challenged to compete for the top prize in a tournament that has no speed limit.  Players will set traps, launch lasers, and use an acutely focused amount of skills to successfully succeed in taking the top prize.

Antigraviator is set for launch in early 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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