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Anamorphine – A Tale of Moving On From Loss – Coming Soon

Loss, grief, death, are all natural parts of life, but when it hits you, it can feel like a cold shock that arrests every fabric of your being. Unwilling to let go, its cold grip encompasses every thought, every action, and every move. Its bitterness sucks the life and joy out of even the simplest things. The ires of your life surround and penetrate you.  Light is expunged, and the darkness comes. It feels there is no way out, no escape, and you are doomed to live this way.

However, what if there is but a shred of light somewhere within the abyss?  Perhaps a fleeting feeling of hope? Would you hold onto it? Would you let it guide you out of the despair? Or is your grief far too strong to let go, letting the bitter cold feelings of depression envelope you? This is Anamorphine, from developer and publisher Artifact 5.


Anamorphine is an exploration game, where players are plunged into a surreal environment in the wake of unexpected grief. Players are put in the shoes of Tyler, a man gripping with post-traumatic denial. An unexpected accident has left his wife, Elena, without an emotional outlet or her livelihood. Tyler’s subconscious turns on him, and he is forced to confront it.

Along the way, he will revisit a long string of milestones that encompass his time with Elena and his own life. As Tyler’s mind battles depression, the environments will bleed and warp to reflect his immediate feelings.  Players will have to choose if they will find a means to move on from loss or let that loss consume them.

Anamorphine will feature a rich story of the human mind coping with trauma, as well as maneuvering through the mental events associated with depression, anxiety, and loss. The uniqueness of this story is that the themes will follow an evolving relationship with a significant other, which in this case, is Elena. Anamorphine will be focused squarely on the story and exploration.

There is no combat or action button, but the game mustn’t be mistaken for a “walking simulator.”  Each environment will have secrets to explore and hidden areas to uncover as to help decipher the madness going on in Tyler’s mind.  This will be further emphasized as each part of the relationship with Elna is viewed within this surreal universe.

Anamprohine will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PC, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift by the end of 2017.

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