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alone with you arrives next tuesday

Benjamin Rivers, the maker of the critically-acclaimed horror video game, Home, is going beyond the terror of zombies and unto the depths of space with his newest game, Alone With You. Using a very distinctive visual style, the game is going beyond the usual tropes of science fiction video games and placing us into a tale of humanity against overwhelming and dire odds at the edge of space.

In Alone With You, a distant colony, many light years away from Earth, has suffered a catastrophic failure and has become a lost effort. You are a young explorer, who has stayed behind with your A.I. component, trying to hold out for any kind of positive sign. With the planet disintegrating, it is up to you and your A.I to escape. You will both encounter four unique colonists, each with their own special skill sets and personalities, in an effort to escape certain doom.

Alone With is described as a romantic, Sci-fi exploration video game. Players wills can the ruins of colonies, searching for important information and technologies to aid in your escape. The four colonists are highly skilled in their respective fields but feel a sense of realistic emotions as they face uncertainty. There is a chance they will all survive and a chance that they will all not make it. You well get to know them and their personalities, making choices via text to alter their choices and yours as well. The choices you make will affect the outcome of the game and will also create the possibilities for multiple playthroughs.

Alone With You also features a vivid, colorful presentation, akin to an animated 80’s movie and a children’s book, all in one. In addition, Ivor Stines scores a synthesiser soundtrack, with ambience and emotional orchestration to underscore special moments.

Alone With You arrives next week, August 23rd, for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game will be cross-buy and cross-save for PlayStation owners, allowing players to save data among those versions, and be able to own both versions for the price of one. Follow Benjamin Rivers on social media and check out his first big hit, Home!

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