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Algo Bot – Launches on Steam Valentine’s Day

Algo Bot seeks to disprove the theory that programming is always a dull task and thus enters an adventure and puzzle game that lets players control a robot and use it to save a spaceship full of colonists.

Basic programming lingo controls the movements of your lowly maintenance droid through more than 46 levels of a rich story-lined campaign as you work together with PAL, the grouchy line manager, and Gemini, the cheerful and eccentric shipboard computer. Together, the three of you must use your wits to save the sleeping and unaware colonists.

Algo Bot

Fishing Cactus, the makers of Epistory-Typing Chronicles has a thing for making games with more than just the purpose of entertainment at its core and it looks as if Algo Bot could achieve their multiple purposes. It seeks to give both seasoned programmers and newcomers to the scene, a chance for a new take on logic.

Algo Bot hits Steam on Valentine’s day of this year and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!

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