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air race speed review a fast and exciting future racer on the ps vita

There is an old, tested saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Where one game paves a new path, another game will flow, with new, interesting designs and ideas. For PlayStation owners, futuristic racers go back to one, classic title: Wipeout from Sony’s Liverpool Studios. Originally released as a launch title in 1995, Wipeout introduced lightning fast racing, set within a vividly realized future, that also featured a tremendously pulsating soundtrack. The franchise would go on for well over a decade, with the last iteration releasing in 2012 as WipeOut 2049. Since then, PlayStation Vita owners haven’t seen a futuristic racer for the handheld. However, given the nature of the system, developers have been able to tinker with the hardware and release surprising games. Air Race Speed is one such game.

Originally released for iOS and the Nintendo 3DS, Air Race Speed is a blisteringly fast futuristic racer, which has players be daring pilots in a series of incredibly dangerous courses.  Players will be able to choose from a large variety of ships, each with their own capabilities and attributes, all in a break-neck effort to achieve the gold medal, and become the most elite racer of the future.

Air Race Speed

Air Race Speed doesn’t have a story or multiple game modes. The objective is to race fast, and survive. The first impression that players have is how polished the game is. With virtually no load times, players can jump straight into the action immediately upon booting the game up. After choosing their choice of ship, players can get straight into the race.

There are five tiers in Air Race Speed, with ten races per tier. Each course is a massive and vividly realized futuristic course, complete with tunnels, shafts, and all sorts of machinations. From spaceports to factories to asteroids and caves, the level selections are extraordinarily diverse and sharply presented. The course design makes precise maneuvering and control all the more important for victory. Each ship has their own capabilities of speed and handling, so choosing the right vessel is important.

The gameplay in Air Race Speed is fast, exciting, and absolutely stellar. With 60 frames per second, the courses move at a silky smooth pace, with absolutely no stuttering or framerate issue whatsoever. Once players hit the turbo, they will be moving incredibly fast. It’s worth noting that the speedometer in the game, usually says 500mph. Air Race Speed makes our feel you are traveling that fast. Machines, generators, fractures, and obstacles will be zooming past players with incredible speed. Players will need to have a complete focus on the screen, as well as firm control, in order to achieve Gold and survive the deadly obstacles.

Air Race Speed

Air Race Speed is a thrill to play. There is a rewarding sense of accomplishment from zooming mat massive pillars and structure, escaping certain death through the bevy of obstacles present. Players will undoubtedly crash or get tricked by rotating doors. However, the instant replay of the game allows players to jump back into the action.

If there is any drawback, there aren’t any other game modes or variations. There is no combat or story mode. This is straight racing, with each level presenting an entirely different challenge. There are leaderboards to compete on and a whole list of levels to play. Considering its presence on a handheld, this is actually very fitting for those gaming on the go.

Air Race Speed is a solid effort from Qubic Games from its incredible presentation to its sharp gameplay. The game is an enthusiastic embracing of the futuristic racer and players will have a fantastic time crossing the finish line at the speed of sound.

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