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Air Assault – We Stack Up In The UK!

Air Assault

Oculus and the ESL to bring some awesome Veterans out to Leicester England. As part of our Air Assault program, these vets had a chance to experience the first-ever VR first-person shooter eSports tournament, the ESL, Oculus, Onward Invitational.

Onward is a tactical FPS that pairs some familiar gameplay with a fresh VR experience. The Veterans who joined us are big fans of the game and familiar faces in the Onward community, so they were very eager to be a part of this inaugural tournament.

While at the event we had a chance to sit down for a cup of tea and chat with these two amazing veterans as they share a bit about themselves, and why gaming matters to them. Check out the video below to hear from our Air Assaults and see some of this awesome event firsthand.

We want to thank everyone at the ESL, and Oculus for the amazing event. Our Air Assaults certainly enjoyed themselves. We also want to thank the folks behind Onward for bringing all the fun!

If you’d like to make a donation that helps support our Air Assault program or if you would like to answer the Call To Arms with your own charity stream and help us make an impact, hit the link below for intel on how you can sign up today!

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