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Air Assault - June Phalanx House Trip

We're here with an Air Assault update from our June Phalanx Trip, this time sponsored by JonSandman, who raised $10k+ to make this trip happen.

Already forgot what a Stack Up Air Assault is? Through our Air Assaults program, we take a group of 2-3 Veterans out for an all-expenses-paid trip to events like PAX, Gen Con, Twitchcon, or a weekend stay at our Phalanx House in Los Angeles. These trips allow us to bring out some Veterans for a weekend of fun doing nerdy activities among a community of Veterans and civilians with shared interests.

For June's Phalanx House Trip, we brought out Veterans Dustin, accompanied by his caretaker, his wife, and Bryce, aka Mercy, who has been part of the Stack Up community for a while now.

Dustin | Perkinator | Coast Guard | Veteran

Dustin | Perkinator's original Air Assault request:

I'm an 8-year veteran of the US Coast Guard, previously attached to Port Security Unit 309 where I served in theater for OIF6. Since serving, I've been determined 100% T&P Disabled through the VA, suffering from PTSD. Dealing with this disability has made making and keeping friends very difficult. I think engaging with my fellow veterans would help me experience camaraderie I haven't had since I've served.

Dustin | Perkinator's bio:

My name is Dustin Perkins and I served 8 years in the US Coast Guard as a Port Security Specialist attached to a Port Security Unit. I joined in 2003, was deployed in 2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and separated in 2011. I'm currently a Senior GRC Consultant for the US contingent of CyberCX, the largest cybersecurity consultancy firm in Australia. Gaming has allowed me to connect with other people in a way that is accommodating to my disabilities.

Bryce | MercyScuba | Army | Veteran

Bryce | Mercy's Air Assault request:

Graduating from college in a couple weeks with my first B.S. ive out ao much time into the army, school, and stackup i would like some time just to enjoy being around others like me and have a fun weekend to celebrate everything i and other vets have accomplished. This past semester has taken a toll on my mental health and started a regression back to how i was when i had just gotten out of service. So this would mean alot getting to see and hang out with the stackuo folks again.

Bryce | Mercy's bio:

Hi my name is Bryce, Mercy. I joined the army at the beginning of 2018. I was a Linguist training and immersing in Egyptian arabic until the end of 2020 beginning of 2021 when I was medically retired due to a shoulder injury incurred during training. Now I am a Marine Ecologist, Divemaster, and Science Diver trying to spread my love for the ocean and help with mental health awareness with StackUp.

Why go on a Phalanx House Air Assault trip with Stack Up? Phalanx House has everything from consoles to PCs, a surround sound system, a pool, a hot tub, tabletop gaming Tavern, a smoke pit, and game-themed rooms for our guests to sleep in. We take our Veterans out to places like Funko Hollywood and Nintendo World at Universal and offer them the ability to choose other places around Los Angeles they may want to see.

We also sometimes receive offers from development studios for tours and get offers for tickets to gaming-themed events in the area.

After June's trip, we asked Perkinator and Mercy their thoughts on their trip:

Dustin | Perkinator

The Air Assault trip was life changing. Being 100% PTSD, it's difficult to break out of my shell and experience new things let alone meet new people. I truly believe that I have joined a family with Stack Up and the Air Assault has fueled a fire to help my fellow vets in the same way.

Bryce | Mercy

What StackUp is doing down at Phalanx house is amazing! The aide they are giving to displaced vets and opportunities they are giving to them are both amazing. I appreciate all the opportunities they have given me to help other veterans that may be struggling and to see the effort being put in behind the scenes is always staggering. My favorite part of the house has to be the tavern, which although was sweltering in the July heat, was full of laughs, fun, and a general feeling of relaxation.

One way to wile the heat away is just to have fun with good people. We're glad we could fuel that fire for Perkinator and that we could bring Mercy out.

As mentioned before, JonSandman sponsored this Phalanx House trip. Thanks to his raising of more than $10,000, we brought these two Veterans and a caretaker out for a good time. Thank you, once again, to JonSandman and his fantastic community for the support. You can find JonSandman on his Twitch channel.

We want to make trips like this happen, and for that to be possible, we need your support. Does your community have what it takes to support an Air Assault trip? Hit the button below to get started.

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