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way of the passive fist makes its way to ps4 next year

On a lone, isolated planet, deep in space, lies a dystopic society, struggling to survive. This planet, Eiectus, is under the scorching heat of a blazing sun, leaving many to struggle for survival. In the face of vicious creatures, scorching radioactive heat, and dangerous environments, it is a battle for survival amongst every inhabitant. Mad scientists, warlords, and dangerous criminal lurk about, vowing destruction and death upon any they come across. However, the best way to survive is to not fight aggressively but to fight passively.

From Household Games Inc in Canada, comes Way Of The Passive Fist, arriving at the PS4 next year.

Players play as The Wanderer, a lone warrior traveling across the planet, doing what he can to survive. His time on the planet has given him the knowledge to fight passively and defensively. As The Wanderer comes across dangerous enemies, players will use defensive tactics, blocking and dodging to wear down their foes. For every blow absorbed, The Wanderer’s special bionic arm is charged up, ready to deliver a powerful blow. When the time is right, players will strike a decisive blow against their enemies and overcome any obstacle. The Wanderer uses the passive fist, hence the title.


The game’s announcement and additional details were made available by Jason Canam, creative director of HHG, on the US PlayStation Blog. The game is made as an homage to 1990’s cartoons and classic dystopic films, such as Dune and Mad Max, as well as a special nod to the great arcade brawling classics.

Games, such as X-Men The Arcade and Anthropomorphic Force are the type of games that come to mind when looking at Way Of The Passive Fist. Jason states that the focus on defensive tactics, simple strikes, and passive fighting will make this game unique, as well as a passionate love-letter to the world of the 1990s. HHG pledges to make the game extraordinarily accessible to a variety of gamers.

Look for Way Of The Passive Fist sometime next year. Follow HHG on social media for continuous updates.

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