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sudden strike 4 pax west preview

Though war may be hell and hard to explain to those who have never experienced it, it is ripe fodder for our imagination. There are stories constantly being told and more than a few in the digital realm.

Kalypso Media and Kite Games have banded to together to bring a hardened gaming warrior out of retirement and back out onto the battlefield for a new generation of gamers. For the first time in 6 years, Sudden Strike, the heavy-duty WWII RTS game for PC’s is getting another installment in Sudden Strike 4.

Unlike other games, Sudden Strike has always remained focused on tactics and realism, instead of relying on the tried-and-true formulas of traditional real-time strategy games. Players will choose from a variety of units, from artillery, tanks, and infantry, in an effort to win the war and blow their enemy to smithereens.

Players can choose among the various participating armed forces of WWII, including the Soviets, Germans, and allied forces. New to this game are better graphics, newer units, and more battles from real campaigns. Check out some of the features listed on their website:

  1. Realistic real-time strategy gameplay with tactical depth and a historical setting.

  2. Three campaigns with over 20 missions to test your tactical skills and determining the outcome of significant WWII battles.

  3. As one of nine commanders, lead your army on the battlegrounds of the biggest military conflict in history

  4. Command more than 100 authentic units ”“ including the Königstiger tank, the Katyusha rocket launcher, and the Hawker Typhoon fighter plane.

  5. Pit yourself against other commanders in the competitive multiplayer mode.

  6. The PC version features extensive modding support with Steam Workshop integration.

Sudden Strike 4 03

The game has been announced for release in 2017. It will be playable at will be playable when PAX West descends up Seattle this Labor Day weekend! If you plan on being in the area, make sure to check it out at the Kalypso Games booth

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