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Stay Safe – Launches On Steam

Stay Safe

Speed. It’s a sensation that humans live for but hardly achieve. The most a human can run is 28mph, a record established by Olympic runner Usain Bolt. Many humans will be fortunate enough to cross into even the 15mph range.

However, humans, as the most intelligent species on planet Earth, have constantly created a new way to go harder and faster. Automobiles gave way to trains. Trains gave way to panes. Planes gave way to spaceships. Ancient explorers took an entire year to explore the globe, and presently, we can circle the planet in just under 90 minutes.

Speed challenges us to live beyond the limits of safety and skirt the lines of life and death. It is this sensation that Atomic Raccoon Studio hopes to achieve. Welcome to Stay Safe, a brand-new, ambitious flight game that has landed on Steam today.

Stay Safe has players traveling through over 60 levels across an unpredictable and harsh sci-fi scape. Your objective is to fly as fast as possible without crashing, navigating the various traps and obstacles along the way. In Stay Safe, there are no brakes and there are no weapons. There is only the desire for high-speeds and the willingness to survive. Over 30 traps have been built for Stay safe, giving layers an unpredictable challenge while also pressing players to utilize their skills.

Stay safe is also set against the backdrop of a colorful world, filled with neon colors and a pumping synthwave soundtrack. Made by a passionate group of French-based gamers, Stay Safe hopes to be a fantastic impression for players! To celebrate, check out the launch trailer below. Stay Safe is now available on Steam.

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