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Review: Homeseek

Homeseek, developed by Traptics and published by The Iterative Collective, is a post-apocalyptic and brutal survival strategy game that challenges players to navigate a doomed world. The initial learning curve is steep and brutal, but the eventual sense of accomplishment eventually pays off and makes it all worthwhile. Be warned, though, even the most meticulous players may face inevitable failure, leaving them grappling with frustration and uncertainty. I, too, found myself in such a predicament when my survivalist colony ran dry on water, making me question if I had reached a game-breaking impasse. Yet, in retrospect, this seemingly insurmountable challenge was essential for the progression of the captivating campaign story.

The tale of Homeseek commences in a fortified bunker, where the haunting legacy of human wars and apathy towards the environment has forced the remnants of humanity underground. As resources dwindle, a brave group of survivors ventures forth into the desolate outside world, clinging to hope and determination. You begin with humble resources, just a few berry bushes, scrap piles, and water wells. Resource management is paramount in this harsh reality, and the game ensures you understand its significance from the very start. Your ability to feed, hydrate, and keep your survivors healthy determines their fate, and failure to do so will lead to tragic consequences.

Homeseek offers two compelling campaigns with multiple scenarios to explore through story, endless, and survival modes. The multiplayer mode, where players raid each other's settlements and vie for scarce resources, adds a thrilling competitive edge. In endless mode, you can continue your journey beyond the win conditions of each scenario, while survival mode challenges you to sustain your survivors for as long as humanly possible. Personally, I found myself drawn to the immersive story mode, unlocking key plot points to advance further.

Initially, you have fifteen versatile workers, each with a name and basic stats. Uniquely compared to many other similar games I’ve played in the genre, each survivor can fill any role, though you have no direct control over their actions. Priorities are clear: establish water extractors, storage, and food supplies from berry harvesting. Gathering scraps is also vital, and housing must be erected for your settlers to rest during the perilous nights.

As you progress, the game steadily unfolds its intricacies. Contaminated water adds a layer of complexity, forcing you to balance your water supply while dealing with the repercussions of your survivors falling sick. Constructing a medical center becomes imperative, and researching new technologies becomes crucial to your settlement's survival. Expeditions play a crucial role in acquiring these technologies and gathering valuable resources and additional survivors to bolster your settlement.

Choice holds significant weight in Homeseek, which is evident in the random events unfolding at your camp and during expeditions. Decisions range from accepting or rejecting new survivors to resolving internal conflicts. Although these choices felt impactful in the moment, their long-term consequences remained less pronounced.

While harsh and often frustrating, death will happen often in this environment. You can see how much of each resource you have and how much is generated and used in the colony at the top of the screen. In the menu for each survivor, you also have access to their levels of happiness along with their different statuses. I did not get this far, but later on, through research, you gain the ability to vote and pass on laws within the settlement. The more people you have in your settlement, the more difficult this balance can get.

While Homeseek boasts numerous strengths, there are a few areas that could benefit from improvement. The lack of nighttime activities, aside from checking on expeditions, leaves a void in the gameplay experience. Furthermore, I noticed a few spelling errors that slightly detracted from the game's immersion.

Overall, Homeseek is an enthralling settlement survival game that rewards patience and the ability to learn from mistakes. Its engaging mechanics and strategic depth will force you to think critically about every decision you make. With future updates and gameplay fixes, Homeseek has the potential to evolve into an even more captivating gaming title, offering an unforgettable experience.

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