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pokemon sun moon unveil starter evolutions tease familiar faces

pokemon sun

There’s been a steady stream of Pokemon leaks, news bits, and videos that have been surfacing over the last few months. We’ve seen everything from villain introductions to Pokemon mounts to the illustrious starter Pokemon. With Pokemon Sun and Moon due out November 18th, we’re finally getting a glimpse at what our first Pokemon will look like all grown up. The results…were leaked months ago, so it’s not much of a surprise, but the typings were kept under wraps, if nothing else.

Also showcased was potential post-game content, a necessity for some of the longest Pokemon adventures. We see returning faces like Wally from Hoenn and Champion Cynthia, but we also see some huge callbacks in Champion Red and (former?) Champion Blue. They’re tied to the Battle Tree, which didn’t have any specific details, but looks to function similarly to the Pokemon World Tournament from Pokemon Black and White 2.

Pokemon Sun and Moon release on November 18th on Nintendo 3DS.

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