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Lichtspeer – Heads To Nintendo Switch With A Brand-New Co-Op Mode – PAX West 2017

There were many incredible games at the Polish Games Booth at Pax West, but the one I was most fond of was Lichtspeer, developed by the incredibly talented teams at Crunching Koalas Studios and the Lichthund Team. Lichtspeer first made its appearance last year at Pax West and returning this year to usher the launch onto the Nintendo Switch, complete with a new co-op mode.

For those that are unfamiliar,  Lichtspeer is an incredibly eclectic arcade- action game, where players are sent to a 1980’s Germanic nightmare, filled with disco zombies, carnivorous fish, Egyptian Gods, and sunglass-wearing trolls.  Players wield the titular neon purple Lichtspeer, a divine weapon with incredible power. You are tasked to fight against the evil hordes upon this wasteland and to die endlessly for your Gods in order to achieve glory. I wrote a review of the game which reflects the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It can be found HERE.


As for the Nintendo Switch version, Lichtspeer has been fully optimized for the platform,  featuring the same vibrant experience as seen on the PlayStation 4. Additionally, it has been retitled “Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition.” However, to usher in the launch of the new Nintendo platform, Lichthund has added the “Doublespeer” co-op mode to the entire gaming experience. Where the  PlayStation version was a single player experience,  this edition can have two players working side by side to slay the endless hordes of monsters constantly trying to kill you.

Accompanying the main human character which player one plays as, is a small dog, named “Das Lichthund.”  Equipped with a special ex-suit, the Das Lichthund accompanies the main player by hovering close by and using a  Lichstspeer cannon to decimate foes. Seeing this unique setup, I gave the Double speer co-op mode a try.

The Nintendo Switch version is essentially identical to the PlayStation 4 version, though it is worth noting that there is a very distinctive feel with the HD rumble that the Switch is known for. The game looks and sounds great, with the controls feeling very tight. It is also a great fit for playing at home or on the go. Soon after starting, I had a partner join me as Das Lichthund.

Fighting alongside a partner felt very different but added, even more, fun to an already incredible game. Das Lichthund can fire more spears, which is essential for taking down the larger number of enemies making their way to you.

In the original game, I found myself quickly overwhelmed, even with special power-ups. In the co-op mode, the task is easier but the challenge is not lessened. Enemies will still come out in droves, from land, sea, and air. In the fray, I got to see Lichthund’s power-up, which was a high-precision laser cannon that can turn enemies into dust. Together, we slew many ice trolls and zombies, as well as sailing penguins and aggressive walruses.  It was a short but sweet good time.

Lichtspeer: Doublespeer edition is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Lichstpeer is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and Steam.

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