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killing floor 2 gets tropical with new free update free map and weapons

Killing Floor 2, which was released last November, has received a very solid reception from critics and players, and it sure has become a blast to play. From 60F FPS shooting to the extreme gore and violence, Killing Floor 2 is a blast to play, especially with a full squad online. Killing Floor 2 takes players to all sorts of places, each with their own distinct look and feel. From the frozen tundra of a remote outpost to the dark reaches of space to a moonlit barnyard to the glowing chamber of an underground laboratory, each location in Killing Floor 2 is a unique challenge in itself. Then, of course, are the Zeds, mutants of all shapes and sizes, each with their own deadly abilities in their never-ending mission to brutally murder you like they have so many others.

Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic game, and to sweeten the deal, Georgia-based Tripwire Interactive, the makers of Killing Floor 2, have released a new, free update for the PS4 & PC versions of Killing Floor 2, titled Tropical Bash. The tropical bash update, which is just over 6 gigabytes on the PlayStation 4, features a brand new map, enemy, weapon, and many more refinements. The new map is titled Zed Landing, a warm, tropical island that features and aircraft wreck and an erupting volcano, with lava that can be both a hazard and an advantage for players. The Zed have a new enemy in their midst, and it is the Gorefiend. The Gorefiend is a mix of flesh, steel, and two deadly blades. These Zeds are strong and will be quick to use their blades in superfluous fashion. A rifle or shotgun blast, preferably to the face, should put them down easily.

Another addition includes the Bone Crusher weapon, a Berserker class weapon. The Berserker consists of a spiked bat and spiked shield. With it, players can parry attacks and inflict massive damage, as Zeds have a high tendency to attack at close range.  While the weapon is class-specific, other refinements in the update include allowing other classes to receive perks and benefits from using other weapons. So, in other words, a SWAT class can use a medic’s weapon and receive some benefit from it.

Killing Floor 2 is now available for PlayStation 4 and Steam.

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