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Iron Harvest – This RTS gets a new Trailer!

The Treaty Of Versailles may be signed. The trenches are cleared of soldiers. But the war will wage on in an Iron Harvest.  From the developers of Battle Worlds: Kronos and The Dwarves comes a new kind of RTS, where the fires of World World One never burnt out, a new age of warfare emerges with giant walking tanks. King Art Games proudly announces Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest is King Art Games’ newest, most ambitious project to date, utilizing a variety of inspirations to create a unique RTS experience. With the RTS genre seeing very few releases, King Art Games is looking to change the formula with a game that takes hints from strategy classics, such as Company of Heroes and a hint of X-Com.

Iron Harvest

Iron harvest will feature incredibly detailed and destructible sandbox levels. Players will lead a variety of soldiers, most especially the giant walking machines that will be the mainstay of combat in the game.

The amount of cover and its strategic values will vary. A brick wall may protect infantry from small-arms fire, but it doesn’t stand a chance from the large cannon of a mech. Players will play amongst several nations, including countries that draw inspirations from Soviet Russia and Europe in the 1920’s.

Iron Harvest will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

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