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Hero Defense – Heading to Defend Consoles this Fall

Hero Defense made a big impact on the Steam Community in 2016. Brought to us by Headup Games and Happy Tuesday Studios, Hero Defense became a title that broke the conventions of traditional “defense” games. Receiving high praise from critics and gamers, Hero Defense is heading its way to consoles this Fall, with a free title update coming to the game on PC.

The game tasks players into a daring, deadly quest to eliminate the top vampire of the land, Count Necrosis. Players will lead Lord Sanders’ band of rogues and mercs across a dangerous land filled with monsters and eldritch creatures.

Hero Defense

Players will be guided from battle to battle in an offensive stance, and players will guide attacks in a defensive way, as enemies come in large droves to defeat you. Players will need to use a variety of physical weapons, ranged weapons, and magical abilities to defeat their foes.

Hero Defense was available to play at PAX West and will be launched on PS4, as well as Xbox One in October.

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