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Gear.Club: Unlimited – Nintendo’s First Big Racing Game, Arrives This Winter

Simulation racing games are revving up for a return. Microsoft is bringing is famed simulation franchise, Forza back this holiday season, while Sony PlayStation is bringing a fresh coat of paint for legendary Gran Turismo franchise with Gran Turismo Sport. Not to be left in the dust, Eden Games is bringing Gear.Club: Unlimited, the Nintendo’s Switch’s first big non-kart racing title.

Gear.Club has players hop into the driver’s seat of their favorite real licensed vehicles. With over 400 courses available, players are encouraged to race through each one, accomplishing challenges as a means to progress.

Gear.Club: Unlimited

Gear.Club: Unlimited will feature a solid degree of gameplay customization. Whether players wish to play the game as an arcade game or as a simulation is entirely up to the player’s discretion. The first trailer, which was released today, showcases the stunning presentation and high-quality racing game experience the team is seeking to bring.

The team also unveiled 16 vehicles that are just a small part of the game’s roster. The cars consist of real automakers, such as Mercedes, Nissan, and Pagani. Gear.Club: Unlimited will also feature multiple game modes, which benefit from the fact that the Nintendo Switch is also a handheld, meaning that the game can be played anywhere, alone or with friends.

Gear.Club launches December 1st, 2017 on the Nintendo Switch, both physically and digitally.

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