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e3 2016 vampyr arrives terrify gamers night

Paris-based Dontnod Studios unveiled its newest game at E3 last week, and its quite the different take compared to previous games. In 2013, Dontnod partnered with Capcom for the cyberpunk action, thriller, Remember Me. In 2015, the studio partnered with Square Enix and crafted one of the most respected story lines in video games with the episodic release of “Life Is Strange.” Having made a known name for themselves on the world stage, Dontnod is going into Transylvanian lore with their newest game, Vampyr.

Vampyr is a new action RPG set within the backdrop of the deadly Spanish Flu. The world lies in despair, as many fall ill to the virus. In the chaos, an ancient enemy has arisen, using the flu as a smoke-screen to claim victims. These evil vampires hide among the innocent, preying on their bodies and adding confusion to an already terrible situation.

Players play as a doctor caught in the crisis, trying to heal as many as he can. On one fateful night, he is ambushed by a vampire and bitten. Now, he has become one of them, but unlike the others, he still retains his humanity. He now finds himself torn between human and vampire. He is a doctor and his duty is to heal, but deep inside, is a vicious beast that seeks to devour humans. He will use his newfound skills to fight but the choices he makes, as a doctor, a human, and a vampire, will be up to the player.

Vampyr is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2017.

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