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Dreadnought Closed Beta Is Live On PS4

Yager and Six Foot Games have officially announced the activation of the closed beta for their latest online multiplayer game, Dreadnought. After months of refinement and public displays, especially at PAX SOUTH, the game is nearing completion and the closed beta is now underway. there are two methods to signing up for the beta. Players can go directly to the main Dreadnought website and sign up for the beta. Additionally, for PlayStation users, they can order packs that give them exclusive ships for use in the multiplayer. These ships are not skins but actual new vessels to use in the online battles.

Dreadnought is an online multiplayer action game, averya very unique and distinct gameplay experience. Instead of taking to the ground as a soldier, or piloting a small interceptor, players helm entire capital ships. Utilizing the offensive and defensive capabilities of each ship, players maneuver across massive battlefields, attacking at various ranges in true ship-to-ship combat. Each ship is of a different class, and each one utilizes different techniques. players can change their class in mid-battle and adapt to the changing scenarios. With multiple game modes and battlefields, there is much for the player to utilize in battle. The game was first put into beta on PC platforms, where it has undergone a variety of refinements and tweaks in gameplay.

Dreadnought is set to arrive sometime soon in 2017 for Steam and PlayStation 4.

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