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Circuit Breakers – Out Now for PS4 and Xbox One

Excalibur Games, the house that brought you games such as Laser Disco Defenders and Space Overlords, is at it again with a new take on man vs machine.  From Excalibur Games and developer Triverske Games comes Circuit Breakers, an easy-to-learn but Hard-to_master twin stick shooter.

Circuit Breakers takes place in the distant future, where mankind has settled across several worlds through the use of robotics and Artificial Intelligence.  One of the biggest of these A.I’s is a machine known as FIRST, short for First Intelligent Robotic Systems Model. FIRST operates efficiently, until one day, the AI flees into the dark reaches of space, fearing for his safety from machines.

The AI is long-forgotten until a new, menacing army emerges from the far reaches of outer space. It is a mechanized army, built by FIRST itself, all in a bid for domination. To battle this, 6 new job openings are made available for weapons experts, willing to deal with this extraordinary problem. If you sign up, you face certain death, but you get to use the best weapons available, as well as travel to different worlds to hunt these vicious bots.

Circuit Breakers is made in the style of S.M.A.S.H TV. As a twin-stick shooter, expect to fight hundreds upon hundreds of enemies on-screen at once. The machines will not go down easily, and therefore, will put up an extreme challenge to players. To even it out, players will have access to a large variety of weapons but will have to learn to master them in order to defeat FIRST.

Players will also need to upgrade their CORE systems as the enemies will be varied, such as the potential appearance of super armored, lightning fast, matrix-bullet dodging robots. Local co-op is greatly encouraged and up to six players can join at once, fighting the hordes together.

Circuit Breakers is now out for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

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