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assault suit leynos blasts its way to playstation 4

If you’ve played video games for a long time, it is impossible not to like giant, cybernetic robots, cutting edge weapons, heavy armor, state-of-the-art technology, and elite pilots trained to operate them. In the 1990’s a time where action shmups dominated video games and anime, such as Gundam Wing, began to hit new height on American Television,  Japanese developer NCS Corp released a classic SEGA action game, Target Earth. Target Earth was lauded for its gameplay, action, design, and presentation, as it was unlike anything seen before at the time. The same would be applied to another video game, commonly known as Cybernator, released in the United States for the Super Entertainment System.

This would be the beginning of the niche franchise, known as the Assault Series, a series of games all focused on the use of Assault Suits in a massive war stretching from the Earth to the Stars. These games have left a legacy for their action and presentation. That legacy has returned with the release of Assault Suit Leynos, an update of the classic game, Target Earth.

Deep in the future, resources have allowed humans to expand to the Moon, the planets, and beyond Suddenly and without warning, a large enemy force appears. Strangely they are humans, having adopted the benefits of cybernetic augmentations. They are cyborgs, former humans that have given up their humanity for technology. Seeking action, they suit up into their assault suits and begin a massive war against the human race. As an elite assault-suit pilot, you reside on Ganymede base, one of Jupiter’s moons. The enemy launches a massive attack on the base. As a soldier, this is what you trained for. It’s time to strap into the suit and kick some serious butt in defense of your planet!

Assault Suit Leynos is a side-scrolling action shmup Your suit has a variety of weapons and capability. As it is a game with old-school mechanics, expect furious, frenzied action, a lot of bullets, and an insane amount of difficulty, requiring memorization and skill to survive. The game features nostalgic, gorgeous animations and graphics, including new music, voice work, new A.I, and updated level designs. The game can be played cooperatively with a friend, along with brand-new modes for the game.

The game’s development is being handled by Rising Star Games. Assault Suit Leynos is currently available now on the PlayStation 4 Computer entertainment System. Engage the enemy and win!

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