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Antigraviator – Hands-on at PAX EAST 2018

At PAX EAST 2018, Iceberg Interactive and Cybernetic Walrus introduced their latest, cutting-edge sci fi-racer Antigraviator. Originally announced in Winter last year, Antigraviator is a new take on sci-fi racing action, featuring extreme speeds, a plethora of racing crafts to use, and an exciting, robust universe of racing tracks. When the game was announced, the title was met with great praise, as there is a massive vacuum present in the future racer genre. With the exception of WipeOut and Rising Stars Trailblazers, there are hardly any entries in the category. Antigraviator not only hopes to be a fantastic racing game but a game that reinvigorates interest in the genre. I had a quick moment to say at Pax East 2018

The demo was a 4-player, split-screen race with no power-ups. After finding three additional players, we were all ready to go. Within a few moments, the countdown started, the light changed to green, and off we were. Out of all the racing games I have played, especially at Pax East, I hadn’t played anything as polished and refined as Antigraviator. The game had a sense of depth, weight, and speed I hadn’t seen before. As my speedometer was buried into the hundreds of miles per hours, I had the sensation of flying this several thousand pound racing craft as fast as a fighter jet. It was an incredible visual and audio sensation. However, I couldn’t simply look at the visuals as there was a race to win.

Sharp turns, big drops, loops, and a whole lot more was present on the race course. Our course took place on a distant ice planet, featuring a cool metal style and sheer wind conditions. Lights glowed with ambiance Amin the distance and large steel archways whizzed by. There were no power-ups during this particular race, but there were speed boosts, tight maneuvers, and sheer speed. It was very easy to hold onto the throttle and just barrel my way through the course, but I was careful to break, turns and avoid hitting the walls. The controls felt tight and responsive on the Xbox gamepad, allowing me to feel a solid degree of control and feedback. The input and response felt finely tuned. 

I flew past one opponent with lightning speed but hit the wall in the process, slowing me down. Two players were in front of me, and I was determined to get ahead. I flew on top of power boost pass and attempted to get ahead. The thumping soundtrack and added effects continued to heighten the situation. After three fast laps of skills and speed, I ended the race in second place, with the other players following behind. With that, the demo concluded.

Antigraviator is nearing completion, and it looked and felt like a winning racing game. The controls were smooth, and the racing was fast, but the game felt extremely polished and refined. I can easily see this becoming a popular game, even amongst die-hard fans of the WipeOut franchise. When Antigraviator release later this year, it will have a plethora of tracks, ships, and weapons. It will also featured split-screen multiplayer for up to four Ayers, and a multitude of online multiplayer modes. Antigraviator is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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