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4-Player Co-Op shooter EARTHFALL Arriving This Spring To Consoles and PC


Aliens have landed in the woods, but they are not here to collect flowers or heal bloody cuts with glowing fingers. Instead, they are here to devour, control, and ultimately, take over the Earth. Not a single human knows why they are here, nor are they aware of their purpose in causing such destruction. Deep in the woods of the pacific northwest lies humanity’s first, only, and last line of defense. This is Earthfall, a co-op first-person shooter from the wonderful people at Seattle-based  Holospark Studios. After some time in Steam Early Access, the team has taken a solid stream of information and feedback to further enhance the game. It was announced recently that Earthfall will be launching in full for both Steam and consoles this Spring, 2018.

Earthfall is a full-fledged action-packed FPS where players must band together to stop an extraterrestrial horde from invading the rest of humanity through the wilderness of the pacific northwest. Players will encounter a dynamic range of enemies, from plasma-spitting beasts to close-quarters monsters. Players will wield every firearm they can possibly muster, from assault rifles to miniguns. Additionally, players will be able to wield defensive systems, such as gun turrets and barricade to better protect themselves. The enemy is sporadic in their approach, and each time a player boots up a new level, they will be encountering entirely different spawn points each time.  FIghting these vicious enemies will take place across a variety of levels and scenarios within the Pacific Northwest. Players can embark on a  variety of campaigns, detailing the character’s personal stories, as well as how the catastrophic invasion began. Holospark Games, the studio behind Earthfall, consists of team members that have previously worked on a variety of AAA gaming projects, ranging from THQ to Activision to Bungie, and many others. Earthfall is looking quite sharp in a genre that is increasingly focusing on new mechanics in the co-op genre.

Earthfall will be releasing to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam platforms in Spring 2018.

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