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Wizard of Legend – Review

Wizard of Legend PS4 Review

By: JoPa Writes

Wizard of Legend

Sometimes a game comes along that comes along which lets you sit down with a friend and lose track of time as you battle through levels together. Wizard of Legend is exactly that for me as I sought to overcome the various challenges to win the Chaos Trials. Each time we fell, we got a bit more gear to test out in the attempts to perfect our strategies together. Proceeding solo was also quite engrossing as I felt the combinations falling into place.

Wizard of Legend follows a young wizard trying to overcome numerous levels called the Chaos Trials. He starts in a museum and learns the basics through a tour guide tutorial. After that, there are three sets of dungeons with two levels each culminating in a sub-boss. Defeat those two and move on to one of the three major bosses from the Counsel of Magic, each of which controls a specific element. The most challenging part is that your health does not replenish between levels so you must proceed strategically. This makes you really think on how best to proceed and what risks are worth taking. Dying is to be expected as you do so numerous times early one.

There is a big difference between learning how to play a game and mastering it. Wizard of Legend is a great example of that as you begin to really speed gameplay up. This is especially true as you test out the over hundred different spells to be unlocked. Spells fall under a variety of different elements including fire, water, air, and others. The dash ability lets you dart around the battlefield, in and out of combat. Figuring out how to combine basic, standard and special spells in unison is the key to taking down the enemies while taking the least amount of damage possible. Enemies come in a variety of forms and levels of difficulty. Some are humanoid with weapons or magic, others blobs or monsters with unique abilities you must learn the timing of.

During the Chaos Trials, you have the ability to gain Chaos Gems and gold coins. The former you are able to keep and use outside of the event. These gems let you purchase new outfits, permanent spells to keep and relics that will help you along the way. Gold coins are used within the Trials themselves as you come across various vendors. These characters provide a variety of benefits including two additional spell slots being filled or healing potions among many other possibilities. Most of the items or spells gained in this matter leave your inventory upon conclusion of that particular Trial.

An awesome addition to the game is the ability to proceed through any of the trials using local co-op. Combining spells with a partner can be immensely satisfying as you use various elements together to stun enemies or deal large amounts of damage. Before heading into the Chaos Trial it is important to figure out which spells work best together and have each player choose their own accordingly. You don’t need to work seamlessly together in combat but it makes things go much more smoothly.

Combat between two players in the versus mode adds another interesting dynamic to the game. Each starts with their standard four spells but others appear over the course of time to provide additional options. Players battle back and forth while wearing each other down. The key seems to be maintaining the right distance from your opponent through the use of the dash. Getting spells that can hit at various ranges is the way to really keep the enemy guessing.

Overall Wizard of Legend is a fun game made better when played with friends. Its combat is refreshingly quick and challenging as you learn to dart through various dungeon levels. Its bosses provide unique single fights that feel different from much of the rest of the game. The look of it provides a bit of nostalgia with a fun throwback feel. Fans of roguelike games with RPG elements will definitely want to check this wonderful Contingent99 title.

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