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Wizard of Legend – Launching Soon

Wizard of Legend – Launching Soon

Wizard of Legend

The dungeon crawler is not a new game type but indie developers Contingent99 are putting their unique twist on the genre with Wizard of Legend. As one would imagine based on the title, the game centers on a mage with over 100 spells to find and use in a wide variety of ways. Your goal is to progress through the Chaos Trials while searching for an array of items to help in the quest.

A very enticing aspect of Wizard of Legend is the pace of play. It encourages you to play quickly through the use of magical combinations which can be discovered as you use them together. If you feel more comfortable slowing things down that is an option as well.

Overall you are urged to find your favorite style and experiment with it liberally. Wizard allows for local co-op which adds another interesting wrinkle to gameplay. Abilities can be used in conjunction to really maximize the experience for everyone.

Wizard of Legend is a combination of procedurally generated and specifically developed rooms that make each part of it feel fresh. Even the enemies learn new skills as you progress through the game to provide different challenges. This means that each time you play the experience will be unique to that session.

The game’s abilities look quite cool on screen as you battle through various different enemies. Overall it has throwback visuals which can provide a welcome bit of nostalgia to gamers who recognize the art style. The use of various elements especially makes for a quite interesting looking experience.

Wizard of Legend launches on Humble Bundle, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and GOG on May 15, 2018.

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