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WipeOut: The Omega Collection – Out Now On PlayStation 4

In 1995, when the first PlayStation launched, a small game was launched beside it as part of its launch lineup. Coming from UK based Psygnosis and Sony LEEDS Studio, this was known as WipeOut. over the coming decades, WipeOut would be known as one of the fastest racing video games ever made, with tight gameplay, well-imagined courses, and a wildly creative futuristic city constantly running at a smooth 60fps. The game would also be a launching point for EDM and Dance artists of the 1990’s.

Artists, such as Orbital, The Chemical Brothers, and Paul Van Dyk composed and share their music, adding to the stylistic 1990’s interpretation of the future of racing. WipeOut would see a comeback in 2008 with WipeOut HD, and again in 2012 with the PlayStation Vita Exclusive, WipeOut 2048. Since then, in a generation ripe with action and shooting, we have not seen WipeOut return, until now.

WipeOut: The Omega Collection

PlayStation has launched WipeOut: The Omega Collection. WipeOut: the Omega Collection features three entire games, rolled onto one disc: WipeOut HD, WipeOut Fury, and WipeOut 2048. Utilizing the increased horsepower of the PlayStation 4, there has been a significant, thorough updating throughout all assets of each game. WipeOut HD, which already was sporting 60fps and extremely polished details on the PlayStation 3,  gets even more polish in the Omega Collection, with players being able to read fine text off the hulls of the racing craft.

All the content from each game is loaded onto the Collection, giving much for players to contend with. Each game has a multitude of ships, each with their own attributes, and a wide variety of gravity defying courses. Players can participate in the wave-based mode of Venom, single player tournaments, and multiplayer matches as well.

WipeOut: The Omega Collection is now available, exclusively on the PlayStaiton 4.

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