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Weekly Bored Room Meeting 9/13/2017

The weekly Bored Room meeting for the week of September 13th, 2017!


  1. Friday the 13th CONFIRMED

  2. Next weekend, Global Game Jam/CrashFam, One Gamers Fund

  3. TwitchCon 10×10 problems

  4. INTERNS, both online and physical

  5. Twitch HQ out, working on other events for Veterans Day



  1. Irma

  2. Call to Arms 58 days. (Big Push right now, carrying momentum into the event)  

  3. Coming out of PAX West -updates

  4. Twitch Channel

  5. Quads Sunday BBQ


  1. PAX West AA Video


  3. PAX West More Content Coming – Lots of Great interviews and hands on previews incoming!

  4. Twitch Con Contest – Vets Only


  1. Destiny 2 Raid

  2. Clan features fully fleshed out for Bungie now in-game

  3. ID Destiny players in meeting.


  1. Working on day before meet ups for TwitchCon and PAX South.

  2. Stacks plans for C2A in November had a meeting on 8/26 and only one of you has responded to indicate what you will be doing. This is an all-hands on deck weekend! We need to know the following!

  3. Do you intend to stream?

  4. Are you available to monitor the C2A Discord & stream hop?

  5. Will you be volunteering with a local veterans group over the weekend? If not, then what are your fundraising plans?

Sign-up sheet: Meeting notes are posted in the recorded meetings channel on the Stack leadership server. Questions that were asked during the meeting have been answered in that doc. See me if you need help with this!

  1. I am still working on getting everyone their new info. Cards.

  2. TWITCHCON!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new peeps too! If you are attending and would like to volunteer at our booth for any part of the weekend please sign up here and make sure to indicate when you are available.

  3. New #volunteer_ops channel on Stack leadership Discord will be utilized when HQ is made aware of opportunities for you to get involved in. It is NOT a replacement for you to go out on your own and find opportunities locally.

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