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veterans day call to arms central

This Veterans Day we are coming together to Stack Up in many different places and locations online and in the world to support Stack Up and our mission of helping our active duty troops and veterans with gaming.


The first thing we want to share is our Reward Program for streamers this weekend. We want to be able to give back to the communities of those who support us in our mission, and we have a way to do just that. Every dollar donated to your stream brings you one step closer to a game code that you can then give away to all of your viewers! Check out the tiers and rewards associated below.

  1. $10- 1 Digital Copy of Drive to Hell 

  2. $25- 1 Digital Copy of Betrayer and 1 Digital Copy of Dragons Wake

  3. $50- 1 Digital Copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse 

  4. $100- 2 Digital Copies of Moving Hazard

  5. $250- 2 Digital Copies of  Atlas Reactor: All Freelancers Edition  

  6.  $500- 1  Digital Copy of Titanfall 2

  7. $750 ”“ 2 PDP or Plantronics Gaming Headsets” (Final headset type to be determined. Shipping only available for US participants)

  8. $1000 ”“ Stack-Up Supply Crate sent to an active duty member nominated by Streamers Community or sent to a base specific to the Military Branch of Streamers choice

  9. Each additional $500 after the initial $1000 will result in an addition Stack-Up Supply Crate following above criteria

Whether you are Streaming for the cause or simply wish to support everyone’s efforts we have a couple of handy links, you will want to keep close by throughout the weekend. The first is our #CallToArms Event Discord server. Here you can feel free to advertise your stream and let everyone at Stack Up know you are supporting the troops. Stack Up staff will also be monitoring the server throughout the weekend, standing by if you have questions or need assistance throughout this Veterans Day weekend!

*Please note the final day to collect rewards associated with the #CallToArms event will be Wednesday, November 30th!

Of course, it is not too late to get into the action yourself and set up your own #CallToArms streaming marathon. All you have to do is hit the link below, sign up on Tiltify through our campaign link and you too will be answering the #CallToArms this weekend!

Because the process can be less than intuitive, we have also put together a guide to make getting signed up just a bit easier.

Once you get all signed up and are ready to stream for Veterans Day we have also put together a Streamer Kit full of amazing assets that will help you talk about Stack Up and our mission during your charity stream. Including art, video, and some tips all designed to make your #CallToArms stream the best it can be!

You will also want to keep an eye on Stack Up over on Twitter as we will be live-tweeting updates throughout the weekend letting everyone who wants to support, know what streams are rocking out in the internet.

Remember folks if you are chatting about the #VeteransDay streams for this weekend to use the hashtag #CallToArms so that we can see it and help signal boost all weekend long.

E3 LA team web

We want to thank all of the amazing streamers and supporters who are ready to #StackTFUp this weekend in support of our Veterans! With your help, #CallToArms will be our most successful event to date allowing us to continue in our mission to make the lives of our Fighting Heroes just a bit easier with gaming!

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