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usaf airman kickstarts sega magazine

SEGA is a name as long-lasting as video games itself. The Company, which has been around since the days after World War II, have been known for far more than Sonic the Hedgehog. Galaxy Force, Afterburner II, Phantasy Star, Vectorman, Comix Zone are just a fraction of the well-known SEGA classics. SEGA created a long and proud history of games and consoles, until the release of the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999. Despite being a revolutionary system, the Dreamcast was beaten by the Sony PlayStation 2 and SEGA switched to being a software development company, exiting the console business.

Since then, SEGA has created new games, such as Bayonetta, Vanquish, Total War, and new games with software company, Atlus. Despite its setbacks, such as the release of the ill-fated Sonic BOOM on the Nintendo Wii U, SEGA continues to maintain a solid, loyal fanbase from old-school gamers and new generations of players. It is this and many reasons why Chris Powell, a member of the United States Airforce, wishes to create a new SEGA e-magazine, known as MEGAVISIONS.

MEGAVISISION is described as a revolutionary e-magazine completely dedicated to all things SEGA, both old and new. Partnering with Magazine Cloner, MEGAVISIONS will be a bi-weekly publication delivered directly to all mobile devices, including laptops and tablets.  It promises to be a true interactive media experience and not simply a scanned PDF.  With over 10 years of experience covering all things SEGA, the team at MEGAVISIONS are hoping to kickstart the beginning of their e-magazine on Kickstarter .

MEGAVISIONS is the dream of Chris Powell, and a dedicated team of SEGA gaming enthusiasts behind the website, SEGA Nerds. They grew up on the classic titles that SEGA built, most especially during the era of the SEGA Saturn and the SEGA Dreamcast. Games, such as NiGHTS, Sonic Adventure, and Panzer Dragoon left a lasting impression upon players and has garnered a loyal, dedicated base.


Chris Powell, USAF, on the right, showing an attendee an example of MEGAVISIONS at the Too Many Games Video Games Convention held from June 24th-26th, in Oaks, PA

The e-magazine is being helmed by active duty USAF Airman, Chris Powell. Public Affairs specialist for the Airforce, which is what led him to find an interest in journalism. He also received training in advanced print journalism. He joined the Airforce shortly after High School and has been involved with the World’s Premier Air and Space force for the past 16 years.   One of his first assignments was in Montana. Being away from family and friends, Chris sought to connect and interact while away from home. He took to an online forum that SEGA was running. He met a lot of great people and one of them was a young man named Graham Cookson. Together, they started a website called Dreamcast Junkies in the early 2000’s right when SEGA was releasing memorable games for the SEGA Dreamcast, such as Crazy Taxi. They eventually made a new website, called Dreamcast Realm, which garnered a solid amount of support.

When the PlayStation 2 launched in October of 2000, the SEGA Dreamcast ground to a halt. With SEGA discontinuing  the Dreamcast, Graham and Chris formed a new site, SEGA Nerds. It is one of the longest running independent news site dedicated to SEGA and is something he is most proud of.

With a strong, pulsating audience for SEGA games and culture, Airman Chris, along with an assembled team of staff, look to create a new magazine, where the focus is not simply reporting on SEGA’s history and developments, but allowing the reader to have a strong input on what is talked about. There is more to SEGA than just sonic the hedgehog. There are various stories within and surrounding SEGA, which celebrates the world generated by the people behind the blue blur.

Chris and the team at SEGA Nerds are hoping to Kickstart MEGAVISIONS. Currently, the goal is $13,000 and the funding sits at just over $8,000 , meaning the campaign is very close to hitting its target. Consider donating to the campaign by clicking on the video above.

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