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unboxing loot crate

Here at PAX West there are many ways fans of video games and geek culture can get their hands on some of the most unique and interesting merchandise themed around their hobby. A great way to receive that same amazing swag without flying out to a convention is through Loot Crate and their numerous themed goodie boxes that include everything, from T-shirts to stickers, toys and more.

It is always exciting popping open a Crate to see what lies inside and our own Stack Up Rex got to find that out first hand as we sat the rambunctious lizard down for an unboxing video like no other.

Thanks, Stack Up Rex and Kevin Wallace for an amazingly entertaining Unboxing Vid! If you want to get your own claws on one of these amazing Crates make sure to head on over to Loot Crate and check out all the goodness!

The Loot Crate opened in this video was generously provided by Loot Crate.

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