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typoman revised a spell binding adventure literally pax west 2016

Tucked in the corners of the 6th floor at PAX WEST 2016 was a very haunting yet very special video game. Imagine the world, desolate, isolated, and dark, but the keys to saving it are right before you. They are not mystical items, magical swords, or lasers of great strength. They are the very first weapons and tools to which modern humans have ever used.

Those are words.

In a world wrought in darkness, a hero emerges from letters, isolated among the ruin. From those words, an icon, a literal hero, makes a heroic stand to understand the scorched lands and to bring it back to light. This is no ordinary hero. This is the Typoman.


Typoman: Revised is a side-scroller action platformer game. Originally debuting on the Nintendo Wii U platform the game was revamped and re-released for Steam platforms. Met with critical and commercial acclaim, the game is set to make the jump to consoles once more for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the coming months.

Typoman has players utilizing words, letters, and the clever rules of grammar to navigate their environment. As players can see, the protagonist, the Typoman, is literally illustrated out of the word, HERO. Collecting letters and using words will provide the Typoman the ability to navigate obstacles and solve quick puzzles.

However, the land of Typoman is unforgiving. An innocent word can soon become something deadly. For example, the word “Part” inside a level can suddenly pound and kill the Typoman, as the word reverses itself and becomes a literal “trap.” There will be many words that give meaning as well, such as “platform” being a platform to which to navigate through the level, or the word, “ON” as a means to turn on a switch.


There also be words that give great power and can become manifestations of good or evil. The word “Faith” glows in dark places and can give a boost of power to the Typoman. However, the word “Hate” can become a terrifying boss enemy, manifesting into a vicious, deadly creature. Additionally, a word scrambler is available to players as a means to take down enemies and continue their journey into the desolate world. Bossfights, terrifying monsters, and various levels lay ahead for players as they play Typoman: Revised.

The game was presented at PAXWEST 2016 in Seattle Washington. The game received a solid showing and positive feedback from players.   It is currently available on Steam. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version are currently in development and slated for release soon.

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