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Time Recoil – From 10TONS LTD Releasing on PlayStation 4

What if you could move faster than a bullet? What would you be able to do with such a power? Would you use it to help people? Would you use it to get a job? Or would you use it to kick some serious butt?  If you chose the latter, then 10TonsLtd has the game for you.  Out now for PlayStation 4 is a game all about obliterating your enemies with time manipulation. This game is called Time Recoil.

Time Recoil comes off the heels of 10Tons previously established twin-stick shooters, such as Neon Chrome and Crimsonland. From these mechanics,  10Tons introduces a twin-stick shooter where time is the ultimate weapon. In Time Recoil, players will travel through wormholes and blast away enemies with extreme ferocity.

Time Recoil

Players will able to pull off special moves, dash through walls, and use time in various ways to annihilate armed foes. Mission objectives will range from rescuing scientists to assassinating specific targets throughout time.  This is important as your mission is to stop an evil madman, known as Mr. time, who has used an experimental Time-based WMD to travel to the past and alter the future. You must stop him or there is no future.

Time Recoil is currently available now on Steam and recently launched on September 12th for the PlayStation network.

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