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Thriller Game Inmates: Available Now on Steam

Escape Your Prison in Inmates: Available Now!

October has arrived, and with it come the pangs for horror games! This week, Iceberg Interactive will release its new puzzle/horror game: Inmates. This psychological thriller puts you in the head of Johnathan, a seemingly normal young man who wakes up in a horribly abnormal place. Trapped in a rundown prison with no means of escape, Johnathan must navigate through the rusty halls and find out how to stop the entire building from crumbling on top of him. The answers lie in the Director’s office, but can Johnathan reach it before the prison’s security reaches him?

Inmates Screenshot Prison Hall

The game’s biggest (and perhaps most unexpected) strength comes from its puzzles. Inmates provides almost no tutorial and expects you to figure out how each puzzle works on your own. This challenge not only makes the game more fun, but it also provides a few moments of peace for some of the more anxiety-prone players. Long as you’re fiddling with a locked door, nothing’s going to jump out and murder you, right? …Right?

Inmates Screenshot Puzzle

Far as the rest of Inmates gameplay goes, there are some smaller pros like the limited light source in the form of matches, but a few cons that might disappoint some hardcore horror gamers. You can deduct from the lack of hiding spaces and a sprint button that no unscripted monster is coming to get you. The most present antagonist—the menacing security guard Roy—attacks you in the same places in the same manner, and there’s no way to outrun him. The other scary presences make minuscule interactions with Johnathan, and while they might startle the unprepared player at first, their repetitive mannerisms make them seem more decorative than anything else. While Inmates hits the perfect chords for a horror atmosphere, the game’s a psychological thriller at heart. Don’t expect the unexpected, just enjoy the ride.

The biggest complaint gamers might have is the lack of a journal/objectives menu. Johnathan finds his way around the prison with just a breadcrumb trail of guidelines and hints that only show up on the screen once. For the player, this means that Inmates can become frustratingly unforgiving the further they progress. If you’re not paying full attention when the next clue comes up, get ready to start wandering around the prison and backtracking like crazy! If nothing else, Iceberg Interactive should definitely consider adding a menu to help players keep track of what they’re looking for.

Inmates Screenshot Staircase

Inmates is available now on Steam.

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