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the turing test arrives on playstation 4 in january

The Turing Test, a space puzzle game by Bulkhead Interactive, is taking to a new territory. Originally released for Steam and Xbox One in August of 2016, the game is making the leap to the PlayStation 4 on January 23rd.

For those unfamiliar with Turing Test, the game is a first person puzzler, set within the backdrop of a lone lunar base, deep in the far reaches of the solar system. Players strap on their Astronaut suits and take the role of Ava, an engineer with  the International Space Agency (ISA). You are dispatched to a lunar base on Europa, one of Jupiter’s many moons. As you arrive, there are no signs of the crew, as they have mysteriously disappeared.

However, the stations Artificial Intelligence, T.O.M, is still active. He shows no hostilities to Ava, ruling out the possibility of the computer going wrong. However, there are a series of puzzles that need to be solved. Tom informs Ava that the crew set those puzzles up, leaving Ava and the player to wonder what is realy going on,a s well as what really happened in the base.

The Turing Test

The game is actually based on a 1950 test by scientist Alan Turing. The test was designed to test behavior in machines, as to be indistinguishable from human behaviors. the machine was expected to act, look, and essentially be human beyond any reasonable doubt. The test was woven into the plot for the ground-breaking 2015 science-fiction movie, Ex Machina.

Turing Test was lauded by critics and players alike. Some say that it has joined the ranks of pivotal games, such as Portal and The Talos Principle. The gameplay was well-received, but most importantly, was a story that had players think, as the themes of exploration and human mortality are explored.

Look for The Turing Test on Tuesday, January 23rd.

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