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The Stacks – Stacking Up at OrlandoiX

Recently members of the Orlando chapter of The Stacks along with other Red Shirts in the surrounding areas had the chance to attend and exhibit for Stack-Up at OrlandiX. Stack Lead, Reshekia Fraley took the time to write a bit about the event for us, read on below!


The Stacks

The Orlando Stack exhibited at OrlandoiX, which took place on August 17-20 at Full Sail University, in their live venue building. If you have ever wanted to be exposed to virtual or augmented reality, then this was the place to be.

The first two days of the event had engaging presentations from speakers from various background including alumni, current faculty, industry creators, and Indie developers. They covered diversity in VR, job simulation, breaking into the industry, and many more range of topics that each concluded with a question/answer session from the audience.

This event had a mix of visual and audio interactive experiences that took you to another place or had you engage with objects that were brought to you. We were able to see many Indie developers that showcased their games in several stages of development.

Thanks to Chris(BlackKnight), Griffin(ShadowShifter) Patricia(Aronuvel360) from Jacksonville, Fl Stack, Chris(TheGameCase) and Rhonda(Cuddlewife) from Lakeland, FL drove down to help with the event and have some fun with us. While we were at Orlandoix, we were invited by (Co-Organizer) Andy Stetzinger of Florida Fireside to go up on the stage at a HearthStone tournament in the Treehouse building at Full Sail University.

We were able to talk about Stack-Up’s mission and what we do for the community.

I was also able to present Stack-Up at Andy Stetzinger’s, Central Florida’s Esports Meetup on Aug. 17, after the OrlandoiX conference ended. This took place at Canvs in Orlando, FL at 6:30pm. Some attendees included Clayton Mamele (StreamFluence), Lazrus Mitchell(Vox-Astro), Anthony Davis(The Defy Studio), and Hoyt Dingus (CleverDingbat).


Thanks Reshekia for sharing the details of the event with us. Looks like it was an awesome way to Stack Up!

If you are in the Orlando area and would like to take part in great event like these, check out their Stacks page HERE! If your not in Florida, not to worry as we have chapters of The Stacks all over the country! Hit the link HERE to find the Stack closest to you, or for information on how to start your own!

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