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the stacks san fran volunteers at veteran building


On March 6, 2016 at 1200 hours, San Francisco Bay Area Stack Lead Anthony Keeton and Members Garrett Kaiser, Sam Wren, and Brandon Keeton volunteered at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building. The Veterans Memorial building has been around for many years and hosts several events throughout the year. The building is over 45 thousand square feet and requires constant expensive upkeep. It also has a large stage and a green room which was in need of a fresh coat of paint!


This looked like a great task for the Stack to take on and lighten up the room with a color we called “Mellow Yellow”. The San Francisco Stack took the next two and a half hours to get the initial and touch up painting done in the green room. There were a few mistakes as Brandon and Anthony got paint in their hair, Sam got paint on his Stack-Up t-shirt and Garrett got paint on his shoulder sleeve of his Stack-Up t-shirt. These little mistakes did not detour us from having a good time and feeling great about the task that we were accomplishing. The San Francisco Bay Area Stack was able to get all the walls and tiny corners painted. The room felt and looked much brighter than before.


We have talked with the Director of Maintenance and determined there are more projects on the grounds that the Veterans Memorial Building would love to have our assistance with. There are several other Veteran Buildings requiring work, and you can be sure that the San Francisco Bay Area Stack will be there to help.

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