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The Stacks – Queens Heads to the Movies!

As part of some Summer fun, we at Stack-Up encouraged members of The Stacks to go out and spend an afternoon at the movies. The Queens Stacks was quick to jump on the opportunity. Read on below to hear about the day!


It can be hard getting a large group of people to agree on one movie, but the Queens Stack somehow managed to agree on “Baby Driver,” one of this year’s summer blockbusters.

The Stacks

So, one Saturday in July, a large contingent from the Stack made their way to Midtown Manhattan for an afternoon show. They were originally going for the 2:30 show, but subway delays made them miss that — yes, it’s been a bad summer for public transportation in New York.

Fortunately, the theater was willing to exchange their tickets for a later show. After the show, the stack members hung out, enjoying the camaraderie, but with members living in a spread out city, they soon had to part company to head for home.

The Stack is hoping to have more of these fun get-togethers. Maybe there’ll be a “Baby Driver II”?


The Queens chapter of The Stacks is always on the move, stacking up in their community and doing good work. We are glad they enjoyed some downtime and fun at the movies as they Stack Up!

If you would like to get involved and are in the New York area hit up the Queens Stack HERE! Not in the area, no worries we have chapters of The Stacks all over the country, hit this LINK to find out more and Stack Up for Veterans in your town!

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