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the stacks panama city invades gamestop


The people in this photo have represented Stack-Up since the beginning. Jake (Left) George (Middle left) and John (Right) always love hearing when I come in and tell them something new happening in the Stack-Up world. When I walked into GameStop to tell them I wanted to talk during their midnight release of “The Division,” they said yes before I could finish the sentence! They helped me set up a raffle where we gave away 3 Stack-Up shirts. We had a little over 45 people sign up for the raffle which was a lot of fun.


One of the newest members to the local Stack, Robert Miller came a couple hours early proudly supporting Stack-Up with me. We chatted with all the customers and told them about and how it helps all of our brothers and sisters downrange.


In the end, I always know who our closest Stack-Up supporters are in the Panama City Stack and really appreciate how they have come alongside in our mission. We are looking forward to growing and hope to see some of the many people we met at GameStop at our upcoming events. For our next meet-up , we would like to schedule a lunch or even a gaming event. Not sure what games, but if you keep following us we’ll keep you updated! If you are in the general area and would like to join us, make sure to sign-up!

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