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the stacks on the 4th

Read on as one of our newest Stacks out of Fort Benning, GA gets out and Stacks Up to celebrate the Fourth of July!


We gathered up around 5 after I had been grilling most of the day. We ate first of course and had beer, and other beverages. We then headed outside to have a corn hole contest and we also shot some shotguns some.


We shot a ton of fireworks that we all pitched in for including a roman candle fight. We also socialized and i talked to my friends about stack up. We kept shooting fireworks until we ran out.


After fireworks we had desserts. The main dessert was a cookie cake then after dessert we all cleaned up and everyone safely made it home.


Looks like a good time was had by all! Thanks, Ft Benning for Stacking Up and sharing with us! If you want to stack up in your town please hit this LINK to get more information on The Stacks!

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