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The Stacks – MO Game Con II: The Wrath of Con

The ST Louis chapter of The Stacks stacks up at MO Game Con II: The Wrath of Con

August 12-13th at The Family Arena in St Charles Mo! by James “Silverhawk” Hazelip

The Stacks

This was a 2-day event at which we were offered a free booth. Arriving the first day it was quick to realize that this was totally retro gaming from the early 80’s thru the early 2000’s. There were many vendors selling retro game cartridges, systems etc.

We setup our booth and got ready. The event was their second run of the event and didn’t have a lot of people in the building at any particular time but a constant flow of visitors. Started the day off by visiting all the local booths and introducing myself and talked about Stack-Up.

The event started at 11 am. From that time on the booth next to us drew in constant attention so we utilized that the first day to draw people in and talk about the organization. Had donations setup the first day but they put us next to another charity for kids so most donated to them. Met several cosplayers and also a you-tuber @kelslewin who was just awesome.

The second day I took with me a stack of my old games and some old Wii accessories and used them for getting donations. Special thanks to Two Plumbers Brewery and Arcade from St Louis for helping us with carrying things.

Once setup I simply allowed people to donate what they felt was fair for the items. This worked out well we raised $17 the first day and $116 the second day for a total of $133. We definitely enjoyed ourselves and met a lot of new friends that now know we are here in St Louis!

If you are in the St Louis area and want to Stack Up check out their Stack Page HERE! Not in the area? Don’t worry as we have chapters of The Stacks all over the place. Check out this link HERE for more info on The Stack closest to you!

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